Nov-29: Massacres, Partition, Pong, Beatles and a Chimp


Zong Massacre

In 1781, the crew of the slave ship Zong began throwing 132 slaves overboard to increase the survival rate of remaining slaves and to cash in on insurance for the slaves (which would not have been paid had the slaves died after arrival).  The insurer refused to pay, a decision initially reversed in court but later upheld once evidence emerged the captain and crew were at fault.


The case provided fuel to the British abolotionist movement and became a symbol of the horrors of the slave trade.



UN Approves a Partition of Palestine

The United Nations passed a resolution calling for the creation of independent Arab and Jewish States and a Special International Regime for the city of Jerusalem. The Plan also called for Economic Union between the proposed states, and for the protection of religious and minority rights.  The Plan was accepted by the Jewish Agency for Palestine, while Arab leaders and governments rejected it arguing that it violated the principles of national self-determination in the UN Charter.  Immediately after the vote, a civil war broke out and the plan was never implemented.



One Giant Step for Astro-Chimpanzees

Mercury-Atlas 5, was a spaceflight that orbited the earth twice with Enos the chimpanzee on board.  Enos was fine when the craft splashed down 200 miles south of Bermuda.


Atari Releases Pong

Atari released Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games and the very first sports arcade video game.  Pong was one of the first video games to reach mainstream popularity. A home version was released in 1975


Drazen Erdemovi Sentenced for Srebrnica

Bosnia Serb solider Drazen Erdemovi was sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the massacre of 1,200 men and boys at Srebrenica. Erdemovi admitted to killing 70.  it was the first the first international war crimes sentence since World War II.


George Harrison Dies

George Harrison of the Beatles died at age 58 following a battle with cancer.

Other Events


San Jose Founded

San Jose de Gaudalupe was founded as the first civilian town in the Spanish colony of Alta California.  When California gained statehood, its initial capital was San Jose.  Today it is the 3rd-largest city in California (behind Los Angeles and San Diego), 10th largest in the U.S. and capital of Silicon Valley.


Trans-Canada Crash

Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 831 from Montreal to Toronto crashed five minutes after take off, killing all 118 people on board. The crash was the deadliest in Canadian history at that time.


Korean Air Bomb

Korean Air Flight 858 was a flight between and Baghdad that exploded over the Andaman Sea killing all 115 on board.  The blast was caused by a bomb planted inside an overhead storage bin in the airplane’s passenger cabin by North Korean agents.


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