Mar-25: Maryland Day

Maryland was first settled by Europeans on this day in 1634 in St. Mary’s Maryland. Maryland was formed to be a refuge for Catholics freeing England.

Maryland Ranking Among States

  • Median Income – 1st
  • Population with Advanced Degrees – 2nd
  • African-American Population (Pct) – 4th
  • Population Density – 5th
  • GDP – 14th
  • Population – 19th
  • Size – 42nd

Maryland Overview

Maryland has four distinct regions.

  • Baltimore

Baltimore is Maryland’s largest city and the second largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic.  It is home to Fort McHenry (home of the Star Spangled Banner), the National Acquarium,  Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens.

  • Greater Washington

Maryland borders the District of Columbia and the greater-Washington suburbs include the University of Maryland and the National Institute of Health.

  • Annapolis and the Eastern Shore

Annapolis is the state capital (and a sailing mecca) and gateway to the state’s coastal resorts such as Ocean City.

  • Western Maryland

Western Maryland is more rural and mountainous and is home to the Presidential weekend retreat at Camp David and the Antietam Battlefield (where the bloodiest battle in American history was fought).  The gateway to Western Maryland is quaint, historic Frederick.



30 Marylanders of Note

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