Apr-28: Highs and Lows for Maryland

April 28th represents a high and low point for the state of Maryland.  It is the day it was admitted into the Union and it also is the day its beloved Orioles opened the season going 0-21 in 1988.


1790 Maryland Becomes 7th State

On April 28th, Maryland became the 7th state to ratify the Constitution.  Maryland is the:

  • 42nd largest state
  • 19th most populous state
  • 5th most densely populated state
  • 4th highest percentage of African-Americans
  • 1st in median income

Some notable Marylanders . . .

Samuel Chase
Supreme Ct Justice
John Carroll
First American Bishop
Elizabeth Ann Seton
First American Saint

Johns Hopkins
Abolitionist, Founder Johns Hopkins University

George Peabody
Founder, Peabody Institute

Francis Scott Key
Wrote Lyrics to “Star Spangled Banner”

Frederick Douglass

Harriet Tubman
Abolitionist, Underground Railroad
Thurgood Marshall
Supreme Court Justice
Sargent Shriver
Peace Corp Founder
Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House
(daughter of fmr Baltimore Mayor)

Rachel Carson

Edgar Allen Poe
HL Menken
Journalist, “Sage of Baltimore”

Upton Sinclair

Ogden Nash
James Rouse
Urban Planner/Developer
Eubie Blake
Jazz Composer
Billie Holiday
Cab Calloway
Jazz Singer/ Band Leader
Cass Elliot
David Byrne
John Waters
Barry Levinson
Babe Ruth
Baseball HOF
Cal Ripkin, Jr.
Baseball HOF
Sugar Ray Leonard
Boxing HOF
Michael Phelps
Greatest Olympian
Pete Sampras
Tennis HOF
Bill Belichick
Football Coach
John Rawls
Julia Louis Dreyfus

1988 0’s-21

On this day in 1988, the Baltimore Orioles lost their 21st straight game to open the season – a baseball record.  Richard Justice recalls:

My favorite story from the 0-21 Orioles occurred on an off night in Minneapolis when the club was 0-18.

Manager Frank Robinson took some sportswriters out for ribs and beer. At some point in the evening, he revealed something that had happened just before he left for the restaurant.

“President Reagan called me,” Robinson said nonchalantly.

We thought he was kidding. He wasn’t.

“He said, ‘Frank, I know what you’re going through,’ ” Robinson said. “I said, “With all due respect, no you don’t, Mr. President.’ “

They would win the next game but lost the next game thereby setting the record for worst record in April at 1-22.

It was an awful month for the Ripkin family, as Cal, Jr. was 0 for 29 in April that year, the worst hitless streak of his 15-year career.  His father, Cal Sr. was fired as manager and replaced by Frank Robinson after the 6th loss.

The Washington Post has a game-by-game synopsis of that terrible month.

The next year, however, Robinson almost managed to take the Zero-O’s to first place, falling to the Toronto Blue Jays in the final series of the season.  But the worst to first turnaround caused a great deal of excitement.

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