November 4, 1979 – The Day That Changed America

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The Day That Changed America

History is often just a jambalaya of events, people and forces that blend together in the narrative that we call history.  Rarely is there a singular event or factor that by itself changes everything, but we know them well when they do occur.  They are seared into our collectively memory such as September 11, 2001.  November 4, 1979 is another such day.

Washington 1979

In 1979, Washington was a Democratic city.  Jimmy Carter was the President and, despite enduring the usual midterm setbacks, the Democrats had an 8 vote majority in the Senate and a 69 vote majority in the House.  These were, however, tough economic times as the economy had endured the effect of two oil embargoes in a decade.

By November, the misery index (inflation + unemployment rates)  coined by Jimmy Carter in his debate with President Ford was at 18.3% compared to…

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