Sept-21-1970: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Monday Night Football Debuts

The first Monday Night Football aired with the Cleveland Browns beating the New York Jets.  Complex Magazine has put together a list of the top 25 MNF moments.  Below are three from the list in chronological order.

Howard Cosell Announces Death of John Lennon (1980)

I was huge John Lennon fan and still am a huge Patriot fan.  Cosell announced Lennon’s death just before the Pats were going to attempt a game-winning field goal that would determine if they made the playoffs or not.  My father blamed Cosell for jinxing Patriot kicker Jon Smith, while I was in shock.

Lawrence Taylor Ends Joe Theisman’s Career (1985)

I was in Washington at the time and remember Theisman being booed earlier in the game and many fans were thrilled by his replacement – Jay Schroeder (who never fully recovered from a concussion from the Giants in an NFC championship game).

MNF NFL WTF?  The Touchception (2012)

Replacement refs decide that Seattle’s Hail Mary on the final play is a touchdown, an interception, a touchdown, an interception (with apologies to Chinatown fans).  The league settled with the striking refs days after.


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